Fixing ptrace(pt_deny_attach, ...) on Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger

20 Nov 2005, 18:05 PST

NOTE: For information on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5), refer to this article.

PT_DENY_ATTACH is a non-standard ptrace() request type available on Mac OS X that prevents a debugger from attaching to the calling process. This article will cover disabling PT_DENY_ATTACH for all processes on Mac OS X 10.4. For more information on how the request type is implemented, please refer to the previous article.

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Bacula EFF Fundraising: Final Tally

20 Nov 2005, 16:23 PST

Below is the final tally of EFF donations. A big thanks to all those that donated to the project! If you are not listed, but should be, send me an e-mail.

Update! Thanks to Roberto Moreda of Allenta Consulting for the final donation of $180, bringing the final tally to $3000!

      Donor:                  Amount:
        WingNET Internet        $500 
        Timo Neuvonen           $250
        Ed Grether              $25
        Charles Reinehr         $100
        Michael Proto           $25
        Phil Cordier            $100
        Dan Langille            $100
        Tom Plancon             $65
        Felix Schwarz           $60
        ClarkConnect            $500    
        Andrew Ford             $25
        INetU, Inc              $1000
        Jo at         $70
	Allenta Consulting      $180
        Goal: $3000      Total: $3,000

Bacula Encryption - First Milestone Reached

06 Nov 2005, 19:44 PST

File Daemon Signing Support Implemented

I just committed support for cryptographic signatures in the File Daemon. The signatures are stored using the ASN.1 syntax I previously outlined. The code supports multiple signers, but the configuration file only supports the specification of a single signing key. You can, however, specify multiple trusted public keys, and any signatures made with those keys will be accepted.

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