MoAB Fixes Net a Bug

19 Apr 2007, 13:35 PDT

Today Apple released Security Update 2007-004. The update includes quite a few important fixes, and also includes a fix for a bug I stumbled across during the Month of Apple Bugs, while regression testing the patch for the Quicktime RTSP URL Handling Buffer Overflow Vulnerability.

While testing the RTSP fix, I had experimented with providing long HTTP URLs to the QuickTime Plugin, and caused a crash. At the time, I mistakenly assumed that the two bugs were the same -- it wasn't until after the RTSP issue was fixed that I looked more closely and submitted the issue to Apple.

In the end, Apple did all the hard work in tracking down the bug to Libinfo. They were reasonably communicative on status, and provided the opportunity to regression test their fix prior to release.