Bacula Encryption Fund-Raising Project - UPDATE!

14 Aug 2005, 00:19 PDT

A few weeks ago we officially announced the Bacula data encryption project -- an endeavor to add data encryption support to Bacula and raise funds for the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

The community's response has been wonderful, and we've managed to raise a total of $1,165. Your donations are appreciated! With your continued support, I hope we can meet our goal of $3,000.

Below is a list of the donors to-date. If I have missed anyone, or any information is incorrect, please send me an e-mail.

	Donor:			Amount:
	WingNET Internet	$500
	Timo Neuvonen		$250
	Ed Grether		$25
	Charles Reinehr		$100
	Michael Proto		$25
	Phil Cordier		$100
	Dan Langille		$100
	Tom Plancon		$65
			Total:	$1,165

The EFF has taken notice:

"In addition, huge thanks to Landon Fuller and the Bacula Project for helping to raise money for EFF..."

"Grassroots fundraising efforts like these give EFF the energy (and funds!) to keep on fighting the good fight - defending free speech, fair use, innovation, and privacy on the electronic frontier. By supporting EFF, you help carry the banner to protect digital civil liberties."

Thank you for your donations!