Interview with The Java Posse, OpenJDK Porters Group

29 Nov 2007, 20:10 PST

Java Posse

The exceptionally nice guys from the Java Posse podcast called me up for an interview about Java 6 on Mac OS X. You can hear me sounding like a goof here.

I've also been awarded the first-ever Java Posse award. Free beer! Cheers to that!

The BSD Java Project deserves considerable credit as well. The Mac OS X Java port is dependent on the work of amazing people like Greg Lewis (FreeBSD) and Kurt Miller (OpenBSD), and I'll happily buy *them* a beer.

As the podcast states, if you're interested in working on native graphics for Mac OS X, sound, or anything else you think needs doing, check out the project page and join in!

OpenJDK Porters Group

I'm very happy to report that the OpenJDK Project's Porters Group has been established!

While the OpenJDK code base covers some mainstream CPU architectures and operating systems, there are many more platforms that are attractive targets for porting efforts for Java. This group exists to bundle and aid such efforts under the OpenJDK umbrella, and integrate them in the OpenJDK community through porting projects.

The BSD porting projects, led by Kurt Miller and Greg Lewis, have expressed interest in joining OpenJDK, as well as the Mac OS X porting project led by Landon Fuller.

This is fantastic -- many thanks to the OpenJDK developers for putting this together. I hope to move development work over to OpenJDK in the near(ish?) future.