Month of Apple Bugs - Day 20

21 Jan 2007, 12:58 PST

The latest MoAB issue is a format string vulnability in iChat. The proof of concept uses Safari's auto-handling of aim:// URLs to pass a 'aim:gochat?roomname' request to iChat.

The patch for the issue was adeptly implemented by William Carrel. His patch works by guarding -[ActiveChat showError: (NSString *) error] and escaping any format string specifiers in the error message. As always, patches are coordinated at the MOAB Fixes group if you'd like to participate.

You can download the binary, or the source. As always, you'll need Application Enhancer to use the patches.

Java Patch Update - Firefox

This release also updates the patch for the Java GIF Heap Overflow issue. The update expands the library path regexes to ensure that Firefox-launched JVMs are always patched, in addition to Safari.

Rumpus FTP Server - MoAB #18

The expeditious fellows over at Maxum Development also have a fix in the works for the MoAB #18 issue in Rumpus, and will be releasing an update in short order. Cheers for their fast turn-around on the issue.