Month of Apple Bugs - Day 4

04 Jan 2007, 22:18 PST

Friends to the Rescue

Today's update was masterfully implemented by Finlay Dobbie, William Carrel, and the members of the MOAB Fixes Google Group.

Finlay solved today's Month of Apple Bugs issue -- a format string vulnerability in iPhoto's Photocast support. His patch guards the -[SubscribedAlbum registerPublishError:withTitle:] method, escaping all occurances of '%' in the title argument. -[SubscribedAlbum registerPublishError:withTitle:] passes the title directly to [NSString localizedStringWithFormat:].

William Carrel has skillfully updated the fix for the Apple Quicktime HREFTrack Cross-Zone Scripting vulnerability to use a whitelist exclusion method -- QuickTime movies will only permit http, https, and ftp URLs in the HREFTrack.

You can download the source, or a pre-built binary. As always, you'll need to install Application Enhancer to use this -- once it's installed, simply double-click on the Moab bundle to install the patch.