04 Jan 2007, 23:15 PST

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

Q. Are patches cumulative? Do I need to install more than one APE?

A. The patches are cumulative -- each new version contains all the previous fixes (including improvements and bug fixes), plus the new fix. If a vendor releases a fix, we'll remove the patch from the APE bundle.

Q. When does a patch take effect? How do I know if I'm protected?

A. Application Enhancer will apply new fixes when an application is restarted. If you've just installed Application Enhancer for the first time, I suggest logging in/out, or restarting your computer.

Q. How can I determine what patch version I have installed?

A. The current version is displayed under the APE name in the Application Enhancer preference pane. The version corresponds to the day -- today is January 4th, and the APE version is 4.0.

Q. Do you support Panther? What operating systems are supported?

A. Unfortunately, only Tiger. I don't have the resources or time to test anything other than Mac OS X 10.4.8.

Q. What happens when the vendor (eg, Apple, VLC) releases a fix?

A. All of the patches are keyed to specific software versions, and the patches are applied at runtime -- the on-disk files are never modified. When a new release of the vulnerable software is installed, the patch will not apply itself. The APE can also be removed at any time by clicking the "-" button in the Application Enhancer preference pane.

Q. How can I contribute?

A. You are encouraged to join the MOAB Fixes group.

I'd also like to apologize to everyone whose e-mail I haven't yet been able to answer personally. I promise I'll reply, it may just take me a couple days.