Month of Apple Bugs - Almost February ...

26 Jan 2007, 12:59 PST

Soon the month will draw to a close, and with it, The Month of Apple Bugs. Lest you think I've dropped off the map, I've set aside the weekend for addressing the new issues. Apologies for the delay -- it's been a busy work week!

I'm also pleased to announce a number of software updates for outstanding issues. The turn-around time on these updates is admirable.

Panic's Transmit - MoAB #19

The indubitably responsive developers at Panic have released an update to fix the ftp:// and ftps:// buffer overflow announced in the MoAB #19 advisory.

Rumpus FTP Server - MoAB #18

The good-natured fellows of Maxum Development Corporation have released an update to Rumpus, fixing the issues outlined in MoAB #18. Existing Rumpus 5.1 users may use the "Software Updates" feature in Rumpus to automatically download and install the update. All others can download the updated demo application.

0-Day Patches

Where a critical high-risk "0-day" issue exists, and is practical to patch, I plan on continuing to provide patches beyond the Month of Apple Bugs. The Java GIF Patch is the first of these "non-MoAB" fixes.

The MOAB Fixes group remains the primary point of coordination, and I expect to move this effort to a more official home than my own web log.