SoyLatte: Release 1.0

05 Dec 2007, 23:51 PST

General Release

After several weeks of using SoyLatte for my own development, and the testing of an exceptional group of early adopters, it's time to issue a 1.0 release. This release provides:

Download Information

To download SoyLatte 1.0, please see the SoyLatte Project Page. If you are interested in contributing, please consider joining the OpenJDK Porter's Mailing List to say hello!

Changes since DP3

The only change in the 1.0 release is the acceptance of the -XstartOnFirstThread option. Nearly all outstanding changes have been merged upstream into the BSD Java project, and I have split development into two branches -- a stable branch, and an unstable branch. It's my intention (and I have begun work on) integrating Mac OS X-specific functionality within the unstable development branch.