Fix iOS Frameworks (or GTFO?)

13 Jan 2014, 07:48 PST

In response to my post on iOS Static Libraries, a number of people have asked for a radar they can easily submit to follow up with Apple. In the spirit of Fix Radar or GTFO, here's a template you can use to submit a bug asking Apple to fix the broken state of library distribution on iOS.

The lack of support for frameworks/dylibs on iOS has become the status quo, and has been and continues to be enormously limiting and costly to the iOS development ecosystem, as described here: and in rdar://15800975
Nearly 7 years after the introduction of iOS, it well past time for Apple to prioritize closing the feature gap between iOS and Mac toolchains. A real framework solution plays a central role in how we as third-party developers can share and deliver common code.
Steps to Reproduce:
Ship or consume 3rd party libraries on iOS.
Expected Results:
We can leverage the long-standing functionality of dylibs and frameworks as exists on Mac OS X.
Actual Results:
- Anyone distributing libraries has had to adopt hackish workarounds to facilitate their use by other developers
- Anyone shipping resources to be bundled with their library have had to adopt similar work-arounds.
- Reproducibility and debugging information is lost, and common debug info can not be shared or managed by the library provider.
- The limitations of Xcode and the need for multi-platform building for both iOS+Simulator (and often Mac OS X) forces developers to deploy technically incorrect complex solutions, such as lipo'ing together device and simulator binaries.
- Standard static libraries do not support dylib linker features that are hugely useful when shipping and consuming libraries, such as two-level namespacing, LC_LOAD_DYLIB, etc.
Xcode 5.0.3 5A3005