21:43 Sun, 12 Sep 2004 PDT -0700

Accessing My Sources Using Arch

GNU Arch, while incredibly obtuse, has a relatively unique featureset that I've come to appreciate. As such, I've begun using it for my externally available source code. There are two projects currently available in my arch repository - the project containing this web log, and TclObjC, a Tcl<->Obj-C bridge that I have been working on.

If you want to browse my arch repository, just point your web browser at my ArchZoom interface. To access the repository directly, you'll need the arch client, tla. If you're using Mac OS X or Darwin, you can use DarwinPorts to install it. Once you have arch installed, use the commands below to access my archive.

To register my archive:

tla register-archive landonf@opendarwin.org--2004-central \

To check out the tclobjc project:

tla get -A landonf@opendarwin.org--2004-central tclobjc--trunk--1.0

To check out my web log project:

tla get -A landonf@opendarwin.org--2004-central blog--trunk--1.0

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